ali abaliAli ABALI is born on 25 February 1930 in the village of Seydiler in the town of Fethiye. He completed his primary education in the town of Kemer and secondary school in Fethiye.

Mr. Abali went to Finance High School of Ankara, and then to Ankara University and attended to Department of Economic and Administrative Sciences for university education.

He had worked as a reporter and a columnist delegate over 50 years. During this period, he had not lost his relation to sport. He founded Turkish Table Tennis Federation in 1966 and worked as a constitutive President for about 20 years. He was awarded with a silver badge by European Table Tennis Union in time of quitting the duty of Federation President.

When he was a President of Turkish TTF he lived a short time in England and he meet with Mr. Victor BARNA, who is one of the famous people of Table Tennis. After that, Mr. Barna had a big contribution to development of Table Tennis in Turkey.

Mr. Abali with Yugoslav Mihovil (Misha) KAPETANIC founded Balkan Table Tennis Union. He was Honorary Life President of Balkan Table Tennis Union. He was a Member of Swaythling Club that is an upper foundation in Table Tennis and delegate of Turkey.

Mr. Abali was also a member of Mediterranean Games' Executive Committee and media consultant of Turkish Sports & Youth Ministry. For his work as a sport journalist he was awarded with Burhan Felek “Press Honour Award” by Istanbul Society of Journalists.

Mr. Ali ABALI has passed away on 25th May 2018.