yoto drianovskiYoto Drianovski is born on 02. 05. 1938. in Sofia.
Since 1962. until his death he has been a Table Tennis Professor at the National Sport Academy – Sofia.
As a coach of the National teams and of “Academic” – Sofia Sport Club, he had achieved very good results.  He was conferred the title “Honoured Coach” of Bulgaria. Mr. Drianovski was member of the Managing board of Bulgarian Table Tennis Federation for many years and until his death – Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of Federation.
He was the greatest specialist in theory in the field of Table Tennis in Bulgaria, and has 11 publications – textbooks, teaching – methodological handbooks and manuals, 57 research and 51 popular scientific articles.
For a period of more than 40 years Drianovski was the Bulgarian trade mark in all international table tennis organizations. He had participated in many international and scientific congresses, he was a lecturer of international courses and seminars for table tennis coaches in different counties worldwide, as acknowledged expert and specialist. As a technical delegate and member of the Jury of the biggest international table tennis competitions, he had extremely rich practical experience in the organization and staging of World, European and Balkan Championships and the biggest open international tournaments.
Till the end of his life, Mr. Drianovski was Secretary General of the Balkan Table Tennis Union, Deputy Chairman of the European Table Tennis Union Technical Committee and member of International Table Tennis Federation Technical Committee.
He was devoted to his work and made best efforts for table tennis, he won the love and respect of anyone he worked with. This is why the past, the present and, we also hope, the future of Table Tennis in Bulgaria will be always related to his name.
As an Honour to his dedicated work the Balkan Table Tennis Union in 2008. established a Award in his name a “Yoto Drianovski Trophy”, which is given to most successful national team at Balkan Youth and Senior Table Tennis Championships.